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secondhand vehicles from our fleet: The most recently registered vehicles from the Gorent rental fleet. These vehicles are replaced every three years.

certified secondhand vehicles:The less recently registered vehicles are available at a lower price, but high quality and reliability ratings are still guaranteed.

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IVECO EUROCARGO 120E18 E4 - 219070

Year of registration: 2006

Numero assi: 2

Passo: N.D.

Equipment: PORCELLI


All offers of secondhand vehicles from our fleet and our certified secondhand vehicles include:

  • Pre-sale maintenance, repair, upgrading and valorization of the vehicle

  • Intervention for alignment to sustainability parameters for issuance of the Gorent Green certificate (CE Certificate, original estimate, environmental-impact valorization of accessories).

  • Data sheet and Technical Passport for full technical data, record of counterfoil/stub procedures, procedures for controls required for sale, vehicle handbook

  • Training of operators

  • After-sales services (assistance and maintenance) provided by a network of repair shops (including tyre dealers/tyre repair shops) operating under the terms of a special agreement, providing special exclusive charges for Gorent customers