Gorent’s secondhand vehicles, with guarantee.

A wide choice of the most recent vehicles
from the Gorent hire fleet,
which renews older trucks every four years,
offering affordable high quality.
All vehicles comply with sustainable safety parameters.

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Our special offers

All offers of secondhand vehicles from our fleet and our certified secondhand vehicles include:

  • Pre-sale maintenance, repair, upgrading and valorization of the vehicle

  • Intervention for alignment to sustainability parameters for issuance of the Gorent Green certificate (CE Certificate, original estimate, environmental-impact valorization of accessories).

  • Data sheet and Technical Passport for full technical data, record of counterfoil/stub procedures, procedures for controls required for sale, vehicle handbook

  • Training of operators

  • After-sales services (assistance and maintenance) provided by a network of repair shops (including tyre dealers/tyre repair shops) operating under the terms of a special agreement, providing special exclusive charges for Gorent customers

Secondhand vehicle booking service

Customers may choose from Gorent’s secondhand vehicles catalogue or may book vehicles still being rented out, by arranging for delivery months later.